Chang Dong Korea Letter about Girl Friend from G.I. 3rd Infantry Korean War

 This letter was written by a soldier in Chang Dong Korea, October 5, 1952. He was with the 3rd Quartermaster Co., 3rd Infantry Division. From the letter…..

   Just a line to let you know that I am feeling alright and hope you are the same. Last night I was telling Meokea, my Girl Friend, that Gock, Aunt Marie, and you were going to send her some slips and stockings, and she said that she was going to save her money till G.I. Christmas and buy you all a gift, she wants to make you a Korean dress and sent it to you with a pair of shoes. I told her not to spend her money, to keep it to get food with. Her mother was blew up by a bomb, and her father was cut up cause he wouldn’t fight in their Army. I felt so sorry for her last night when she was telling me, she had tears in her eyes. She works 17 hours a day just for two meals. It makes me feel good to make someone happy like that. Well tell Shorty I said hello. Well close for now hope to hear  from you.

Lots of Love,   

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