Korean War Letter, about Bunker Hill, August 18, 1952 First Marine Division

This letter was written August 18, 1952, by a young Marine serving in Korea, during the Korean War. He was in the Hq. 1/11, 1st Marine Division. From the letter……

Dear Mom and Dad,

   Well, I guess I’d better write you a few more lines. How is everything going at home? We’ve been having quite a bit of hot weather lately, however today it is raining and has cooled things off considerably.
   We’ve been getting a few rounds in on the guns the past week. They’ve been doing a lot of firing to support the infantry on a hill we call “bunker hill.”  The boys have done a good job of holding so far. There’re out to show the army how easy it is to hold a position with a regiment of men and not be pushed off everyday like they were on “Old Baldy.”  The first Marines are the ones taking it. That’s the outfit Chaplin is with. We told them if they have too many casualties that we can supply them with a few men. We haven’t any work to do at the present time, so there’s no sense in one outfit carrying the load. But the C.O. of the 1st Marines says no dice. It’s their baby and they’re going to do it alone. Just a case of pride. Of course if General Selden says all available men report to Bunker Hill, that’s the final word.
   It sure was nice of a lot of the fellows to come home for Heigl’s funeral. I’m sure glad it was a beautiful affair. I know the old gang wouldn’t neglect one of their buddies.
   I’m going to take my whole 30 days at once and then I’m going to try for another 20 days at Xmas. I’m allowed 30 days a year and so far I’ve only used 10 days in about 2 years, so that means I should have about 50 days on the books.
   Well, I figure only 16 more days left in Korea now. It won’t be long Mom, until I’ll be sitting down to one of those meals of yours.
   I think I’ll close for this time.



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My apologies. I commented on the wrong post. The image that I am referring to is page 2 on this post: http://koreanwarletters.blogspot.com/2011/04/korean-war-letter-1st-marine-division.html.

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